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This web site is brought to you by the letter "F" and "X", and the number 5. Not really, but Sesame Street was a darn fine show.

This site is the creation of Jess MacPherson amd Patty O'Byrne. It's a project for our grade 12 English teacher. Mr. Bauld's English Website is a good place to go to read up on his sadistic English course... just kidding. It's interesting, and features some student essays, as well as his own insights into certain authors and their work.

We'd like to thank for our free guestbook, WebStat for our free counter, and Tripod for our free web space.

This site also will look much better in Internet Explorer than Netscape, as we've taken advantage of some more advanced HMTL tags, and Netscape tends to handle them badly. If you like our site enough to link it, thank you! The proper url is

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